Dinosaurs and the Bible- how do they fit?

The evolutionist’s biggest mascots are the dinosaurs. Everywhere you look, in the media, museums, schools, even picture books for toddlers, we see the unrelenting message that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. However, the Genesis Museum of Creation is bringing the Truth to the public. Did you know that;

  • Dinosaur fossils could never survive for millions of years under current conditions.
  • There is good evidence that dinosaurs were living up to a couple of hundred years ago ….and even still living today!!
  • There is evidence that dinosaurs could breathe fire! Hmm, I wonder…..
  • Dinosaurs are in the Bible. Yes, the Bible!!
  • Dinosaur fossil “graveyards” hold good evidence that they were deposited in water. Worldwide water…..Flood?
  • Dinosaurs, far from helping evolution, actually challenge the hypothesis.

So come with me, and discover the truth about these amazing creatures.

Lots (and lots) of Dinosaur fossils.

The Bible speaks of a cataclysmic global Flood around 4,500 years ago. Such was its impact that Noah and his family had to stay in the ark for over a year. Such forces would have torn up sediments and deposited them in layers. The sedimentary rocks we see are good evidence of such forces. Amongst these rocks are plenty of fossils, including dinosaur fossils. Dinosaur fossil ‘graveyards’ are found all over the world.

One such ‘mass fossil graveyard’ in Patagonia, South America, has yielded a great amount of dinosaur fossils. Some fossils are quite large, such as the  massive Gigantosaurus, however, there are some smaller dinosaurs as well. But whether big or small, the excellent preservation of these fossils is consistent with the animals perishing and being buried in the flood of Noah’s day. Sometimes we even find hundreds of  fossils, such as Hadrosaur dinosaurs, buried in huge herds over a small area. This does not happen under usual circumstances.

The Bible talks about Dinosaurs!!

Some people object that the Bible doesn’t talk about dinosaurs. But it does talk about dinosaurs, it just doesn’t mention the name ‘dinosaur’. And for good reason too. The KJV, was written in 1611, but the word “dinosaur” wasn’t invented until 1841, by Richard Owen. So what were dinosaurs called before they were called “dinosaurs”? Dragons. Yes, dragons! Think about it for a minute. All around the world there are ancient  stories about beasts that hold great resemblance to dinosaurs. There are pictures of dragons on old buildings that look like dinosaurs.

And there are records of dragons in the Bible, including a whole chapter on a beast that sounds a lot like a dinosaur. Behemoth.

Look now Behemoth, which I made along with you; he eats grass like an ox. See now, his strength is in his hips, and his power is in his stomach muscles. He moves his tail like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs are tightly knit. His bones are like bars of  bronze, his ribs are like  beams of iron. He is the first of the ways of God.

– Job 40:15-19

Bible scholars have had great trouble with this “behemoth”. Most put it down as an elephant or a hippo. But neither has a tail like a cedar tree. But what about a sauropod dinosaur, like a Diplodocus . They have huge tails – like a cedar tree!!

How did Dinosaurs fit into the Ark?

Another objection to the Bible and dinosaurs is, ” How did dinosaurs fit on the ark?” The two objections they give are,

  • Size – dinosaurs were huge! How did they fit on the Ark?
  • Amount-there are over 668 species of dinosaur! How did so many species fit inside the Ark.

However both these objections are easily  solved.

  1. Only around 50 dinosaur “kinds”.

While there are over 600 dinosaur species, Noah didn’t have to take all the species on board. God told Noah to take one of every KIND on board. In example, take the kind “dog”. While there are many different dog species, there is only one dog kind, called…. dog! Even the domestic dog, one species, has so much variation in it. Likewise, the Sauropod dinosaurs would have been one species, likewise with the T’rex, and others. Thus Noah only needed to take about 55 kinds. For more information on kinds go to www.answersingenesis.org/go/kinds

2.    The Ark was HUGE!

According to Genesis 6:14-16, the Ark was huge, nothing like the ‘bathtub ark’ that we see in children’s storybook pictures . However, even taking into account the huge size of the Ark, only small dinosaurs would have gone on the Ark. Because even the largest dinosaurs, when new-born, were not much bigger than a rugby ball. This makes sense as God would have wanted younger dinosaurs on-board to repopulate the earth after the flood. For more information on the Ark go to www.answersingenesis.org/go/ark

Dinosaurs are NOT millions of years old.

Believe it or not, they have found red blood cells in dinosaur bone!! Mary Schweitzer discovered red blood cells in a T’rex bone. This has recently been confirmed by numerous other finds. Red blood cells can’t survive millions of years!! Of course, evolutionists have tried to make get out clauses for this problem, but nothing has solved this problem at all

In the beginning….

God tells us in His Word that He created the earth in six days. And on day six he made land animals. Dinosaurs are land animals. Therefore, it is logical to say that God created dinosaurs on day six. A majority of  the fossils fit with being laid down in a worldwide Flood. Therefore most of the dinosaur fossils we find were laid down in the flood. There are no problems with dinosaurs and the Bible. There is no reason to compromise God’s Word with man’s ideas!

There is so much more information to be discovered! Go to www.answersingenesis.org/dinosaurs or www.icr.org   God bless you in your search!

Dinosaurs- awesome creatures!!!!
Dinosaurs- awesome creatures!!!!