Creation Research Worldwide

Creation Research was initially founded as an education facility for high-schoolers by Australian John Mackay in the late 1970s, in order to tackle the ever-growing acceptance of anti-Biblical ideologies being taught in the Church. A trained geologist, he had come to Christ through reading a book by an atheist poking fun at the Bible. The arguments in the book seemed so ridiculous to John, that he picked up a Bible to see what it actually said – which was when the LORD quickly reeled him in!

John Mackay established a ministry designed to conduct research, while also reaching out to churches, schools and universities. He later came across a public-school teacher in Queensland, who worked to assist John with talks and presentations. This schoolteacher was Ken Ham, now the CEO of Answers in Genesis. John and Ken worked together for many years, and even today, Ken thoroughly recommends Creation Research’s work. When Ken left to establish AiG in the USA, John founded Creation Research to continue the vision they had begun.

Creation Research UK

It was in the 1980s when John read the biography of D.L. Moody. The story of how Moody had visited the UK as a missionary, having all his meetings cancelled before he’d even arrived moved John to also visit the UK on a ministry trip. The calling which God had put on John’s life to visit the UK would prove to be very similar to Moody’s, as John also found that his entire itinerary had been cancelled, due to letters sent ahead advising churches to do so. However, just like with Moody, the LORD had a plan, and John ended up having even more ministry opportunities than before!

After many years of visiting the UK, Creation Research UK was established, headed up by Randall Hardy. When Randall resigned, the ministry was run by a lifeline of volunteers, essentially just organising ministry when John could come over. In 2014 John met a university student, Joseph Hubbard, who expressed wishes of getting involved with Creation Research. This would lead to a 4-year training program, which led to Joseph eventually taking on more responsibility in the UK, organising itineraries, leading field trips, and ministry tours. In 2019, Joseph was employed full time, leaving his previous work as a zookeeper, to take on the responsibility of UK director.

Creation Research UK Museums Project

The Creation Research UK Museums Project was started in 2016 by Joseph Hubbard and John Mackay. Joseph had started a small museum from his personal fossil collection back in 2012 which grew in collection size greatly over the next few years. John had over 30 years worth of fossil collections from his various trips to the UK and Europe, which were simply being put into storage. The vision was to set up a network of museums around the UK, to promote the message of Jesus Christ as Creator, Sustainor and Saviour.


The Creation Research Centre

Over the 2020 COVID-19 restriction period, work begun on establishing a museum in Oswestry, Shropshire, leading to the opening of the Creation Research Centre in January 2023. Here we have our UK head offices, a museum, and a fossil shop. The vision is to establish a permanent resource for ministry in the UK. Come and visit us!

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