The Sun – Shining God’s Glory.

Every day we get up, travel, go to work, and meet friends, all in the presence of the huge shining ball we call the sun. Yet we rarely stop to consider how much impact the sun actually has on our lives. Just to impress you, let me give you a few ‘sun facts’.

  •   The sun can reach temperatures up to 10,000 degrees Celsius!
  •   Over 1,000,000 earths would fit inside the sun!
  •   The sun is over 92,935,700 miles away from the earth!
  •   Solar flares burst millions of miles from the sun’s surface!
  •   The sun emits more energy in one second than mankind has produced during the history of the earth!

Wow!! Our sun is essential for life on earth. Plants, through a process known as photosynthesis, harvest light from the sun, and turn it into a sugar that the plant uses to grow. Waste gasses are emitted that we breathe in, oxygen! Also without the sun, we couldn’t see. While this seems obvious, sunlight contains all the colours that we see. When light hits an object, say, blue, all colour apart from blue, are absorbed, and blue is reflected into our eyes which we see!

But even though the sun is so important to life here today, it is only temporary. When the Lord returns and transforms the world back to perfection, God will be our light for us in the day and night. Isaiah 60: 19 says, “No longer will you have the sun for light by day… But you will have the Lord for an everlasting light, And God for your glory.”

What an awesome Creator we serve!!      sunset