Who is Creation Research UK?

Creation Research UK exists to seek evidence for the Biblical account of Creation, Noah’s Flood, Tower of Babel and related subjects. We investigate and promote such evidence in order to glorify Christ and build His church.

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September Creation News UK

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Worldwide Research & Reporting

Creation Research works around the globe, performing research, reporting on projects, and developing new experiments for our Centres.

Creation Research UK Museums Project

Founded by John Mackay and Joseph Hubbard, the Project seeks to develop a network of museums, workshops and discovery centres around the UK.

Outreach & Media

The Creation Research Centre is the hub for all of Creation Research UK’s outreach and media programs. From new documentaries, TV series, and Creation Research LIVE! broadcasts, to speaking tours and debates, there is never a lack of new material coming out from Creation Research, both in the UK and Worldwide.

Being interviewed by David Rives, USA

TV Shows & Media

From TV interviews, to our own show, ‘Creation Research Unplugged!’

Filming ‘The Rocks Cry Out’, Devon, UK

Documentaries & Reports

Documentaries about climate, ‘The Rocks Cry Out’, and many more.

‘One Blood, Many Races’ webinar

Webinars & Conferences

Online webinars to help strengthen your faith, and tackle the lie of evolution.

Public Field Trips

Come on a Fossil Finding Field Trip with Creation Research in the UK and around the world! Real fossils, and many other exciting finds!

– Joseph Hubbard (Director, Creation Research UK)

Teaching & Presentations

Creation Research is world renowned for their presentations and sermons. Always extremely up to date, and with Jesus Christ at their centre, the teachings and presentations from Creation Research will help you to strengthen your faith, challenge you, and equip you with the resources you need to spread the gospel.

Church Sermons

Christ-focused Bible-based sermons on Creation, the Fall, the connection between Creation & Christ, Jesus who is Lord, King of Creation, as well as a host of other Bible sermons and teachings.

Bible Studies & Meetings

Bible and creation-based lectures, presentations and study sessions that will help your congregation think deeper into the who, what and why of the Bible, perfect for evening meetings.

Creation & Science Lectures

Creation & science lectures from Creation Research’s experts. Why did God make venomous snakes? How old is the Earth? What evidence for creation? Was Noah’s Flood real? What’s the proof!

Schools & Youth Groups

Helping to challenge school children to believe the Bible from the very beginning – because there is evidence! Hands on lectures and presentations for the classroom, from Creation Research.

Home-school Days

With strong experience in home-education, Creation Research can provide a unique Home-school session for the entire family. All ages are catered for in spectacular hands-on sessions!

Teacher Training

With experience in the classroom and teaching, including curriculum writing, Creation Research can help to provide essential training in how to teach students from a Biblical perspective.

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