Who We Are

The Creation Research Centre is the home for Creation Research in the UK. It sits under the watchful eye of umbrella organisation Creation Research Worldwide, and includes the entities of Creation Research UK, The Creation Research UK Museums Project, Indiana Joe, and the Zoological Centre for Creation Research.

The Creation Research Centre is not underwritten by any one church or denomination, but is a Judeo-Christian, faith-building ministry. It exists to display evidence for the truth of the Bible being God’s Word, and Christ Himself being our Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, LORD and coming Judge. The Saviour Christ who sent us out into all the world to preach His gospel is the Creator of all, and the Creation Research Centre is committed to demonstrating the Truth of the Bible – from the very first verse to the very last.

The Creation Research Centre

“The creation message has become essential in a world where God is rejected. If people can accept Jesus Christ as creator, then Jesus Christ as Saviour is the next logical step. We spread the message of Christ through research, presentations, museums and resources.”

– Joseph Hubbard (Director, Creation Research UK)

‘Indiana’ Joe Hubbard (left), ‘The Creation Guy’ John Mackay (right), and a Pterodactyl fossil footprint trackway


‘The Creation Guy’ John Mackay serves as the International Director of Creation Research Worldwide, having spent over 40 years in ministry. ‘Indiana’ Joe Hubbard serves as the Director of Creation Research UK & the Creation Research Museums Project, and is qualified in palaeobiology & zoology.

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All donations will go towards the work of Creation Research in the UK. Donation options to donate to the Creation Research Museums Trust will be available soon. To donate, simply type the amount in GBP that you wish to send.