Field Trips

About our field trips

Field trips are all-day events led by a member of the Creation Research team, to a rich geological site in the UK. Some popular sites are: Hunstanton, Norfolk, Harpur Hill, Derbyshire, or Aust Cliff, Bristol. This is just an example, however, and we will go to all over the country, researching a suitable geological site for the area. The field trip will usually have a particular theme (e.g. Tites and Mites), and will be strongly grounded in Biblical evidence. You will be given a handbook to guide you through the day.

The leader will adapt to a pace suitable for the group, and interspersed with the talks there will be plenty of time to find your own fossils, with the leader on hand to assist. The cost of the field trip will vary slightly, but is usually around £12.00 per person or £30.00 per family. To view or download a copy of the booking terms and conditions please click below.

How to Organise a Field Trip with Creation Research

If you have a group of people ready and waiting to attend a field trip, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to arrange one for you and will find a location, if you are not close to one of our old favorites. We look forward to hearing from you.