Our Media

At Creation Research UK, we sell a host of DVDs on topics that range from fossils, creation, Noah’s Flood, Dinosaurs, Race, and a lot, lot, more. We also have many hours of free content on our YouTube channel.

Being interviewed by David Rives, USA

TV Shows & Media

From TV interviews, to our own show, ‘Creation Research Unplugged!’ a free ten-part YouTube series that looks at many topics from Biblical Archaeology to English Literature – filmed from all over the world! And now introducing our own TV channel, accessible below!

Filming ‘The Rocks Cry Out’, Devon, UK

Documentaries & Reports

Documentaries about climate, including our flagship documentary, ‘Fire and Ice’ that was filmed on location in Iceland, to ‘The Rocks Cry Out’, the YouTube series that acts as a practical layman’s field guide to geology hotspots in the UK, and many many more.

‘One Blood, Many Races’ webinar

Webinars & Conferences

Online webinars to help strengthen your faith, and tackle the lie of evolution. And don’t forget our weekly Live Broadcast, ‘Creation Conversations.’

Ways to watch

Creation Research Live

Our streaming site.

Creation Research TV

A 24/7 Free live stream of our content.

Our YouTube Channel

Many hours of free resources.