Creation Research UK Museums Project

Creation Research Museums Project

Discover the Truth

Discover – Explore – Experience – Believe

The Creation Research UK Museums project is a unique and powerful project, committed to providing evidence for the Truth of God’s Word, and the real history of mankind, while also being a UK leader in creation research. The project has a heavy emphasis in hands-on experience and physical evidence displays.

Our Museums

The museum project is currently shifting premises to a central museum building, where construction of other museums will ensue. We currently have two museum projects in the works.

Our Collections

The UK collection houses over 10,000 fossils from around the world, as well as extensive archaeology, natural history, geology, anthropology, botanical and zoological collections.

Our Research

Our research projects take place around the globe, but there is a heavy emphasis on UK research, particularly fossil research.

“These fossils are world class. I haven’t seen many things like this, even in top museums!”

– Professor Andy McIntosh

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