Fossil Hunting at the Convention

Fossil Hunting & Field Trips

Exploring God’s World In Light of God’s Word

Getting Hands-On In the Field

A big focus in Creation Research is the RESEARCH aspect! Getting out there and digging up fossils, exploring the evidence hands-on and finding fossils for yourselves. Therefore, the biggest aspect of the convention will be fossil hunting, field trips and the subsequent workshops. A field trip handbook will be provided at the beginning of the week, which will help you make the most of the convention.

Indiana Joe

The field trips and workshops will be led by Creation Research UK director ‘Indiana’ Joe Hubbard. The field trips are designed to help you think critically about the rocks and fossils, to investigate the true history of the earth, and to find your own fossils to take home!

Fossil Hunting Tools

A fossil hunting kit can be extremely useful down on the beach. From splitting rocks open to digging fossils out of the clay, these tools can greatly enhance your chances of bringing fossils back with you. Bring your own tools, or purchase one of our fossil kits from the Creation Research store.