Explore the Jurassic Coast

Explore the Jurassic Coast

Fossil Hunting & More

Fossil Hunting & Field Trips

Fossil hunting and field trips make up the bulk of the convention, giving attendees the unique opportunity to get hands-on with the evidence. A handbook will be provided, which will help you make the most of the field trips, taking notes as you go, and providing additional information. Find out more about the field trip locations below.

The Jurassic Coast

A world heritage site, the Jurassic Coast stretches for nearly 100 miles along the south UK coast. It contains some of the best geology and fossil hunting locations in Britain, and exhibits excellent evidence for Noah’s Flood!

Charmouth & Lyme Regis

The first field trip of the convention will be to Charmouth & Lyme Regis. One of the best fossil-hunting locations in the UK, Charmouth yeilds excellent amounts of fossils, including ammonites, belemnites, wood, and even Sea Dragons! Famed Victorian fossil hunter, Mary Anning, also hailed from here, her life and faith a great testimony.

Monmouth Beach

A hidden gem of the Jurassic Coast, Monmouth beach contains the incredible ammonite pavement, featuring hundreds of thousands of ammonites. A great place for other fossils as well, the famous Jurassic Lias gives us a great jumping point for talking about worldwide deposits of flood-deposited sediment and fossils!

Isle of Portland

The Isle of Portland was once an island, until Chesil Beach turned it into a small peninsular. Being the sothernmost part of the Jurassic Coast, unique wildlife thrives on the island, and the geology is spectacular. Great exploring opportunities, and a giant fossil tree!


Another unique fossil-hunting location, the fossils here are abundant and brilliantly preserved. Underneatht the towering cliffs of Golden Cap, ammonites galore can be discovered! A bit of a hike, but well worth it!