Our Museum Collection

Our Museum collection has been exceedingly blessed by the LORD, and we have many world-class fossils, artefacts, and displays in our possession. We are currently in the process of organising and cataloguing all of the 12,000 items in the collection, and will be putting them all up in our collection page – so keep visiting this page and watch our collection grow!

New Additions!

Some of our newest additions to the UK Museum collection, from our research trips, donations, and purchases.

Fossil Collection

The UK collection houses over 10,000 fossils from around the world, many of them world-class. Explore our collection here.

Archaeology Collection

In recent years, the UK Museum project has added some stunning archaeological artefacts, including Biblical evidence.

Geology Collections

Geological specimens from around the world, showing remarkable evidence of Noah’s flood and rapid deposition.

Natural History Collections

Headed up by the Zoological Centre for Creation Research, with both living creatures and Biology exhibits.

Themed Collections

Themed displays and exhibits. Ape-Men, living fossils, dinosaurs, ‘Tites ‘n’ ‘Mites and more!