Our Network Vision

The Creation Research UK Museums Project has a unique vision. To facilitate the need for a UK museum ministry with a network of smaller museums, all interconnected and supportive of each-other. This will leas to a dynamic network, constantly updated displays, and new research potential across the UK.

A Strong Network

All our museums are interconnected and supported by each other. The ‘small and many’ concept will mean that our museums are never very far from where you are – and the ministry will be reached by more people across the UK.

A Dynamic Network

Just because our creation museums may be smaller than some of the larger USA ones, it doesn’t mean they aren’t just as dynamic and ground-breaking! With the support of the collective museums, new displays and exhibitions will move around all the museums, bringing something new every few months.

A Focused Network

All the museums will be focussed on the same agenda – to create more museums, spread the gospel message and facilitate research across the UK. The network will also facilitate the need for a creation resource network and centres across the country.

Let’s build together!