Creation Research UK & the Creation Research Centre is only able to function due to generous supporters around the globe. If you feel the Lord prompting you to give to the project in some way, then we have outlined some of the most recent needs below. As we continue to develop the Creation Research UK Museums Trust and the UK Museums Project begins to take off, our needs will increase and change, so please keep watching this space, and subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

Donations for the Museum Project

  • We need your donations to keep our museum going!

Volunteers for Museum Project

  • Both long-term and immediate volunteers needed for the museums project. We are in the process of setting up our museum at the Creation Research Centre. The aim is to make the museum self-touring by the end of the year, and for that we need your help with renovations, electrics, woodwork, websites and graphic design, and cataloguing the many artifacts in our collection. Contact the Creation Research Centre to offer your services!

Equipment Need

  • Several members of our team could use new computers.

Fossils and Exhibits

  • One of the great things the LORD has always done for us is provide fantastic opportunities for research and to add new fossils and artefacts to the UK Museum collection. In order to be able to take these opportunities, we often require financial support – so donate now!