Joseph Hubbard Presentations

Science & Bible Presentations

Science & Bible presentations, suitable for public meetings, lectures, evening services, Bible studies, etc. Each program is around an hour in length, with additional QnA sessions highly recommended. Programs can be adapted in length to a if necessary, but please discuss with Creation Research UK prior to the event.

Creation RESEARCH!
  • With a constantly updated arsenal of evidence, Creation Research present some of the latest evidence that God’s Word is true from the very beginning and can be trusted. Whether the presentation is about a recent field trip with spectacular new results, a new fossil find that shouts evidence for a worldwide flood, or a new study into an incredible piece of evidence for design, let Creation Research lead you through a fascinating presentation of discovery! 
The Rocks Cry Out – Evidence for a Worldwide Flood.
  • In this presentation, Joseph deals with evidence for the Biblical worldwide flood described in the Genesis Account. Drawing from his university experience in Palaeobiology, and recent research conducted around the globe, He shows excellent evidence that you can trust the Bible!
One Deadly Bite
  • Snakes! Some love them, some hate them, but the show brilliant evidence of design. But why did God create them so nasty? Why do they have venom? Were they designed to kill? How do they fit into a ‘very good’ world? Drawing from his academic zoology studies, and six years as a qualified zookeeper, Joseph delves into the world of snakes and design, before answering the age-old question, did a good God make bad things?
F3 – Fossils Formed Fast.
  • Have you heard that fossils take millions of years to form? If that’s true, how does it fit into the Bible? What does the evidence show? Using real fossil examples from the Creation Research Museum’s project, Joseph shows that fossilization has nothing to do with time, but all process – and the evidence points to the Bible being true!
Design – The Final Proof.
  • Design is one of the greatest proofs of a creator. Using the more unique examples such as dung beetles, fungus, and trilobites, discover what evidence there is for design, as well as how to recognize it if it slapped you in the face! But most importantly, learn about the Designer who reigns over all!
Another Race of Man? Exploring Neanderthals and the Bible.
  • Neanderthals have been a long-time issue for many people wanting to believe in the Biblical account of creation. But who were they? Did they really exist? Is looking at their DNA really that simple? How do they fit in the Bible? Using incredible evidence from bones, artifacts, culture and genetics, many examples of which Creation Research UK have in their collection, we give a Biblical view of race, Neanderthals, and Human evolution.
Climate Change and Creation – The God Who Controls the Weather.
  • Climate change. Global warming. Creation. A sovereign Lord? What is the true history of climate? What is the real science behind global warming? Is the media telling lies? Find out the truth about climate change from science, history, and the Bible in one of Creation Research’s most popular presentations.
Chronology of Creation – It’s All About Who Jesus Is
  • What does the age of the earth actually have to do with Jesus Christ? Surely it’s better to focus on Him rather than side issues like young vs old earth? The reality is that the age of the earth is directly connected to the legitimacy of Jesus Christ as saviour – one missing link and He cannot be who He says He is!
Futile in their Speculations – A Biblical View of Animal Rights.
  • In a backwards world, where the Truth has been rejected, any lie is believable. In a talk that has proved extremely popular since first presenting it to a group of farmers in the UK, Joseph tackles the issue of animal rights, environmentalism, and dominion over creation. Based on a 2019 lecture to over 300 senior zoo directors an international zookeepers conference, Joseph draws from his own work as a zookeeper and consultant, while putting the all-important Biblical perspective.
Let’s Really Dig Dinosaurs!
  • An extremely popular presentation which deals with dinosaurs, particularly their history, creation, burial in Noah’s Flood, and descent into mythology. With on-location photos and examples, drawing from real research projects around the world, this is a whistle-stop delve into the world of Dinosaurs!
Land of Fire & Ice – Climate Change in Iceland
  • In August 2019, a group of students, activists and media personnel hiked up Ok volcano in Iceland, to hold a funeral for the now-extinct Okjokull glacier. During the funeral, they warned that the earth was being destroyed – and it was our fault, only we could save it. In October 2020, Creation Researcher ‘Indiana’ Joe Hubbard travelled to Iceland to learn about its climate past, and see is these claims were actually founded on any truth. Learn about his fascinating journey and the Biblical view on climate.
Thorny Problems from a Fallen World.
  • Let’s get to the point – how are thorns connected to our salvation? And what is the real history of thorns? And did you know that fossil thorns have been found all over the world? With fascinating insights to spectacular new research, evolution, fossils and thorns, explore the real history of thorny plants on this planet, with a Biblical punch at the end.
‘Tites, ‘Mites, and Fossil Fights!
  • Stalactites, stalagmites, and cave formations have long been used as evidence that the earth is too old for the Bible to be true. But new and exciting research from Creation Research Worldwide is now challenging this! With examples from around the globe, including the UK, Creation research challenge the idea that its all about time, and show that what you need is the right process.
The Day the World Washed Away
  • The evidence for a worldwide flood is abundant, from polystrate trees, to rock formations that travel the globe. Find out about Creation Research’s global research projects, and the excellent evidence that the Bible can be trusted from the very beginning!
The World of Limestone.
  • Often quoted as evidence against a young earth, limestone covers a huge percentage of the world’s surface. New research and insights from around the world have shown that it did indeed form fast in a flood! With examples and research conducted around the world, we end up back in the UK for a stunning finish!
Around the UK with Noah.
  • Evidence for a worldwide flood? Yes! Even in the UK? Absolutely! Come on an epic adventure as joseph uses his university study topics to show brand new research into the evidence for Noah’s flood, right here in the UK!
The Science of Creation.
  • Creation? A science? Many secular scientists want you to believe that creation is religion, and evolution is science, but nothing could be further from the truth! Using the long-established principles in Creation Research, discover how to recognize and define a design, understand the importance of a creation, and learn about the genius of our Creator!
The Poison in Me.
  • If God is good, and created the world ‘very good’, where did poisons come from? What about poison dart frogs? Venomous spiders? Snakes? Dangerous plants? Learn from an experienced zookeeper who specialized in reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, with real animals used in the presentation! Learn just how good our God is!
Fossils, Flowers and Fungus Fanatics!
  • Three unique creations, all giving evidence of the Creator! From fossils that have crystals shaped in impossible ways, to flowers that should have been extinct long ago, and fungus that defies the law of physics, while putting the world’s greatest military engineers to shame. 
Birds of a Feather?  
  • Did dinosaurs have feathers? Did they evolve into birds? What is the fossil evidence? What is the biological evidence? With recent research and investigations, learn the true history of dinosaurs, evolution, and the created Kind!
Teaching Creation Science from a Biblical Perspective.
  • Suitable for teachers and educators, a step-by-step program to help equip teachers with practical activities to help teach their children from a Biblical perspective. Available as an overview presentation covering many topics, or a workshop/seminar-based event with multiple presentations. Excellent for teachers, youth pastors, educators, and home-educating parents.
Bible Presentations & Sermons

Bible presentations & Sermons, suitable for Sunday morning services, Bible study, or chapel. Each program is around 40 – 60 in length. QnA session can be arranged if appropriate. Programs can be adapted in length to a if necessary, but please discuss with Creation Research UK prior to the event.

Adam or Ape? – Refuting Theistic Evolution.
  • After personal attacks from prominent theistic evolutionists, labelling him as ‘religious extremist’, ‘young and ignorant’, and ‘this person is the problem with creationists – they ignore both science and the Bible’, and several published debates it is safe to say that Joseph has had some experience dealing with theistic evolution. In this presentation, Joseph deals with the Biblical implications of theistic evolution, with a stark warning to those who wish to twist God’s word.
King of Creation (2 Kings, Genesis 1, John 1).
  • Jesus as Saviour? King? Sustainor? Creator? Journey on an epic study through the Book of Kings, Genesis, and John, and let Creation Research help join some dots! It’s all about who Jesus really is!
A Command to Preach (2 Timothy 4).
  • Preach the Word! Be ready in season and out! But what is the word? Who is charged? And what warning does Paul have to Timothy? Learn a lesson that was extremely important 2000 years ago and is just as important today. A call to preach.
Chronology of Creation (Ezra 4).
  • Does the doctrine of Creation really affect our salvation? Does it affect who Jesus is? Learn how important God considers legitimacy and legality of sacrifice, consistent throughout history. Refute the genealogy-gap argument, and realize that the very truth of who Jesus is, is directly connected to Genesis.
The Trinity in Creation (Romans 1).
  • The evidence of God and His attributes are stamped into creation – including the reflection of His Triunity. Discover the unique and incredible parts of His creation that show His Triune attribute, while showing his power as Saviour.
Good to Bad to Worse to Glory (Genesis 5).
  • The true history of the World according to the Bible. We need a new set of glasses!
One God over all gods (Jerimiah 51:44-61).
  • A unique presentation, blending a mixture of history, archaeology, and the Bible. Discover what we mean by ‘God’, is He sovereign, and who can stand in his way? A fascinating Bible study, backed up by history and the archaeological record!
Christ the Creating King of Christmas!
  • A Christmas presentation for churches. Christ as the Creator, Saviour and coming King! Join the dots between Creation and Christmas!
The Historical Birth
  • The archaeology and history surrounding the birth of Jesus has been open to claims of inaccuracy, contradiction, and denial. However, close examination of the evidence shows just how accurate the Bible’s record is, as well as how brilliantly the LORD intertwined His redemption plan throughout history.

Please Note: All Science & Bible presentations require a screen and projector. Bible presentations are greatly enhanced by a projector, but are doable without, due to the Bible-study nature of them.

Please inform Creation Research of any church doctrinal requirements beforehand (i.e. convictions over Bible translation used. Creation Research UK uses NKJV as a standard).

There are no fixed charges for a presentation in Churches or public meetings, however we encourage the taking of offerings, and greatly appreciate love gifts and donations to the ministry of Creation Research.