‘Creation Unfolding’ Controversy

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Article Background

Creation Research published a review of the book ‘Creation Unfolding’ in October 2021, after being approached by several independent people who asked us what we thought of the book. This review was published on the ‘Ask John Mackay’ website, along with an in-depth review, written by John Mackay and Dr Diane Eager, supported by the rest of the Creation Research team.

Since our original review was published we have found further issues that needed to be addressed and have written a further review. The background to this further review (and why it was necessary) and the new review itself are set out in another PDF document, authored by John Mackay (International Director of Creation Research), Joseph Hubbard (Director of Creation Research UK) and Dr Diane Eager (Creation Research), supported by the Creation Research team and other advisors.

Read the latest review below, view on the ‘Ask John Mackay’ website, or download.