Easter Questions & Answers

Welcome to Easter Questions & Answers from Creation Research. The subject of Easter, its purported pagan origins, how long Jesus was in the grave and the relevance of traditional customs is often a hot and divisive issue. So join the Creation Research team as they take you through some common topics, questions and objections.

Easter Bunnies & the Bible?

Are Easter bunnies Christian? Easter eggs? Is the name pagan? What does history teach us?

Maundy Thursday

Why is the Thursday before Easter called Maundy Thursday?

Wednesday Crucifixion?

If it was 3 days and 3 nights before Jesus rose from the dead, did he die on Wednesday?

Three Days in the Grave?

Why did Jesus say he would be buried for three days if he died on Friday and rose on Sunday?

Three Days, Third Day?

A detailed study by John Mackay on the question of how long Jesus was in the grave – what does scripture say?

Crucifixion of Christ

Did Jesus just go into a coma on the cross and merely appear to rise from the dead?

Creation Conversations

Join John & Joe for this special video, including some recorded church sermons, and previous broadcasts that deal with who Jesus is, and the Easter-Creation connection.

2020 Facebook Special

Join John & Joe for special program of teachings and live videos, broadcast during the first 2020 Covid lockdown.