How do we know there is a God?


God has revealed Himself to us through His Word, the Bible, and through Creation. But to a 21st Century mind, God cannot be real if He can’t be proven through science. When a Christian debates an atheist, unless the Christian can physically point to a living being, and say “There is God”, the atheist thinks he has won.

But God is not a God controlled by science or physical laws, since He created them. He is outside of time, space, and laws. So it would be hard to try to ‘prove’ God’s existence by science. But there is lots of evidence that a God had to create. For instance, information theory states that all information comes from an intelligent source. To illustrate, if you placed a bottle of ink, a pen, and a piece of paper into a safe, and came back in twenty years, nothing would be written on it. Likewise, if you came back, and a letter to you was written, you would know that someone had entered the safe, and written it. Millions of years couldn’t give you a letter formed by chance.

In our bodies there is a huge complex web of information called deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. This huge amount of information could not, like the letter, arise by random chance. This is just one of  the many examples of God being seen in life.

Further still, it is our atheist friends that have the problem. Because, if you don’t believe in an eternal God, you have to believe in eternal matter. How do I work This out? Well, all of what we observe in nature is governed by Laws of chemistry and physics. These Laws state that matter cannot come into existence from nothing. The only other answer is that matter has existed forever. The problem is, of course, that matter cannot be eternal, as it is governed by these Laws. So what is more logical, an eternal God that is not made out of matter, thus not governed by it, or eternal matter that is governed by Laws that state that it cannot come into existence from nothing, or be eternal. It is logical to conclude that a belief in God is not irrational, nor illogical, whereas an atheistic/humanistic religion is.   For more information go to: .