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Creation Research UK Museums Project

In 2008, John Mackay, along with the Grieger family founded Jurassic Ark, the world’s first, and only outdoor Creation Museum. The museum is unique in the world, not only is it outside, but it is also a working research museum. This means there are real-life experiments taking place in around the site, real fossil digs, fossil preparation areas, and hands-on activities throughout. This on-going project set a precedence for future Creation Research Museums. They were to have an emphasis on real research and hands-on exhibits that demonstrated the truth of the Bible.

In 2013, Joseph Hubbard founded the Genesis Museum of Creation, a small museum collection he had put together. In the next two years, the collection would grow to a substantial size, and was joined with Creation Research in 2015 to create the Genesis Museum of Creation Research. The museum now boasts over 3,500 items on display, including world class fossil specimens, all of which provide evidence for the truth of the Bible. The team continues to exhibit new research that Creation Research conducts around the globe. The museum is now full-to-bursting, and other exhibits must go into storage until new housing is found for the displays around the UK. The museum also houses archaeology, natural history and resources, in addition to the fossil exhibits.

Then, in 2016, the CR UK Museums Project was born. The vision is to create a network of museums around the UK, all connected and supporting one another. These would have their own research stations and collections, exhibiting real research from around the globe. By being small and many, exhibitions would be able to be passed around from museum to museum, always changing, always updating. Creation Research UK is constantly conducting new research projects throughout the world with Creation Research International.

At the moment, we have one main CR museum established, and one in the works. We will continue to develop this project as the Lord provides. To donate to the project, support us through Creation Research UK HERE.

Genesis Museum of Creation Research


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Creation Discovery Centre Wales

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Global Museums Report

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