David Bird

David Bird serves as an advisor on the new Creation Research UK Museums Trust. He works with Creation Research, involving them as part of his teacher training company, Nilsbird Training. Joseph has worked closely with him on several occasions, reaching out to many third-world teachers in Africa and Asia. David has a passion for equipping Christian teachers around the world with resources to help them train up another generation for Christ.

David Bird began his career in 1987, working as a secondary mathematics teacher in the UK. Since then, he has taught many subjects and ages, and became an examiner in 2001. In 2017 he achieved the position of Team Leader with an English examination board.

Since 2009 David has travelled the world meeting many different peoples and cultures, providing teacher training with a particular focus on mathematics. This has provided many valuable insights for David which he is now aiming to share through nilsbird training.

You can find out more about Nilsbird Training, and Creation Research UK’s involvement at www.nilsbirdtraining.com