Creation Discovery Centre Haverfordwest

Coming Soon to Haverfordwest – Creation Research Discovery Centre!


From right – left: John Mackay, Pastor Adrian, Brian & Ann (church secretaries)

Pastor Adrian Vaughan, the pastor of Calvary Church, Haverfordwest, first came across John Mackay and Creation Research during a debate between John and Prof John Polkinghorne over the issue of Christianity and Evolution. Pastor Adrian invited John to speak at his church afterwards, and John Mackay has subsequently visited every time that he has been in the UK. A strong relationship grew between Creation Research and Calvary Church, and there began to be some discussions about developing a museum in Haverfordwest.

A New Building

Calvary Church started a new building project, to move from their existing church building. Despite a few setbacks, the Lord provided, and as of 2020, the building is just about ready for use. COVID slowed the project down on the part of Creation Research, but new plans will soon be underway to develop the museum in Haverfordwest. The museum will be part of the new church building, which includes a café, bookshop, and church centre.

Future Plans

Joseph Hubbard met Calvary Church in 2016, when he accompanied John Mackay on a speaking trip. Since becoming the Director of Creation Research, he plays a pivotal role in the development of new creation museums and discovery centres, headed up my the Creation Research UK Museums Project.

In 2021, Joseph will begin to put plans in action for the development of a new museum in Haverfordwest, co-hosted along with Calvary Church. This will be backed up by the new Creation Research UK Museums Trust, and will be looking for a new museum opening very soon.